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Vision to Create Sustainable Future
We are a startup focused on providing clean energy solutions with emphasis on zero carbon and carbon neutral technologies. Our clean burner technology provides energy solutions for hard to abate sectors with zero and/or net zero carbon emissions. Fuel flexible burner systems from SBES Technologies can handle highly reactive fuels like hydrogen and low calorific value fuels like biogas with single digit NOx emissions.

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Process Industry

Other Industries

Fuel Flexible Burner System


Industrial heating system for direct or indirect heating of other media (process heat)


Food Industry, Chemical & Process Industry, Energy Sector, Shipping Industry

Micro Gas Turbine


Our fuel flexible Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) caters the energy requirements of rural and urban areas with minimal footprint. The Fuel flexibility of our gas turbine systems has the ability to cover wide range of fuels with single digit NOx emissions


Distributed power, Aviation

Our Research & Industrial Partners

SBES has the expertise in fuel nozzle design for various fuel types with special focus on Hydrogen in gaseous and liquid state. SBES enables our customers in achieving their global commitments on clean energy (SDG 7) and climate action (SDG13) with our know-how and capabilities in system integration, component development, system validation and process optimization.